Enclosed Cab, Air Conditioner, Heater, 72 Tooth Bucket, Hydraulic Coupler, 12 6 Stick, Straight Line Travel Pedal, Control Pattern Changer, 35 1/2" Track Shoes
Open Operator Station, 96" Blade, Drawbar, Powershift Transmission, 16" Single Grouser Track Shoes
5,000 lbs. Max. Weight Capacity, 1 Stage Mast, 118 Max Lift Height, 100 Lowered Mast Height, 48 Forks, Side Shift, Volkswagen 3VWXLO1.9ADE Diesel Engine, Open Operator Station The engine could not be started. The main components could not be operationally checked. The item is missing multiple electrical components.
30' Max Lift Height, 49 Jib, 500 lb. Max Weight Capacity, Solid Non-Marking Tires, Electric, 30" Long x 48" Wide Basket
26' Max Lift Height, 1,500 lb Max Weight Capacity, Platform Extension, Hybrid Electric w/ KD350 Engine, 63" Wide x 110" Long Platform
26' Max Lift Height, 1,500 lb Rated Work Load, Electric Operated, Diesel Generator Engine, 64" Wide x 110" Long Platform