Koda is a cute yet playful ferret. He is a sable and his best friend is bear. Did you know Koda is a tree that can be found in China, Japan, New Guinea, and Australia? Now our Koda might not be as big as a tree but he has a big personality. Please consider adopting Koda and Bear today.
Bear is a furry loving cuddly ferret he's a sable and his best friend is Koda. Bear may not be as big as a grizzly, but he is as cuddly and furry as one. Bear and Koda love to spend time together and would love to find a new home where they could stay together forever. Please consider adopting Bear and Koda today.
Binx is our newest addition, he will be a available for adoption soon. He has a joy for life that you can't help but share. Noone can resist his charm, and going into the quarantine room always includes giving him some attention.
Prince is an amazing, playful guy that's always a joy to be with. He loves to wardance around the playpen and everyone is his favorite toy.
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